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Woodham Tents & Rentals is Northwest Florida’s premier event equipment and service company satisfying private and commercial event needs in the most cost-effective manner. We have created this website page to give you an idea of what is available for tent sizes; however, we can create a multitude of other tent size arrangements on either a standard or custom fit basis. So, please call us today, 850-785-4687 with your event needs and we will create the perfect solution.

Tent Sizes

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Frame tents are a self-supported top that only requires the tent size of an area to be set up in. Frame tents can be set up over any sub-surface, but additional fees apply for anything other than a grass set-up. Minimal staking is required and the frame tent is completely open on the inside with NO center poles that go from the top of the tent to the ground.

Frame Tents

10' 20' 30' 40

Pole tents work off of tension. This means that the pole tent will require an additional 10’ on both the length and width side of flat level area to be set-up in. Pole tents require a ratchet and stake at every leg with 2 or more stakes at the corner and seam lines. Depending upon the tent size will determine how many center poles there will be under the tent, but each pole tent will have at least 1 center pole regardless. Pole tents can be set-up on just about any sub-surface (other than beach sand) and additional fees apply for all sub-surfaces other than grass surfaces.

Pole Tents

20-2 40-2